In June 2021 google will stop the free uploading service to google photo. The lowest plan for 100 GB is 2.99 USD / eur / month. The price they offer is quite attractive. The question is what will happen after using up 100GB. You will have 2 options, the1st option is paying for a higher package/month, the 2nd is copying all the images to the hard drive and save space for further use. Moreover, if your hard drive is full or exceeds the storage limit of your packages plan, Google will start to delete your content.


The fastest way to learn something is to keep practicing. Play the whole game and learning soccer as a kid (Perkins).

Skip the Introduction and go to the Setting up Google Colab section.

When reading a scientific paper, sometimes you want to reproduce the results from the paper, or in your free time you just simply want to try something that interesting with AI application. However, you realize that running the code with your personal computer (laptop) will take a day or twos. As a result, your motivation might go down.

Luckily nowadays many big companies provide a basic online…

Currently (July 2020) Python is one of the most popular programming languages. According to the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, a search for a tutorial looks for a Python tutorial in 31.17% of the cases [PYPL][1]

Python is a scripting language, whereby each line of the script is read and executed by the Python interpreter. Python scripts may import other Python scripts in the form of packages. The collection of packages used in a Python program should t together and constitutes a Python environment. …

TRung Nguyen

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